Business Data Analyst

Business data analyst are those people who work with a large amount of data (facts, figures, and numbers). They are doing collect data, sorts it into categories and then interprets the data. Data analyst are mainly performed focus of analysis and provide solving of problems relates to data and relationships in data elements within a business and IT system

Role of a Business Data Analyst :

A Data Analyst is the one who performs important tasks, such as careful review of information from a specific marketing campaign and provides guidance on what works well and what does not. Our Business data analyst training course is based on it.

Business Data Analyst Training Curriculum

The main objective of this course is to build you into a Business Data Analyst from the upper level. We give you essential training through industry-led practical exercises. Our course will prepare you for real-world business data analysis and analytics and put you in the industry. This course is for those people who are hungry to learn and interested to pursue a career in business data analyst.

What We Teach

  • Understand what a Data analyst is and his multiple roles in an organization by learning about analyst role models and gaining analytical thinking skills at TCBT.
  • Get an overview of tools used for Data analysis like SQL, Excel, Python, and R.Excel.
  • Excel in focus: from Intermediate Excel to the various short and formulas used in it.
  • Learn how to extract data using SQL
  • Pivot tables and their practical usage with hands-on experience.
  • Real World Analytical Organizations and the tools used by data analysts.
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Business Data Analyst Training

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