The course duration may vary depending on which course you choose. Some courses are longer than others due to their syllabus. For example, the Business Analyst Course is 4 weeks long.

Yes, You can try a one-week trial of classes. If you like the class feel free to register.

No . All material provided by us will be absolutely free. Which will include

  • Course Booklet
  • Soft Copies before Classes
  • Mock-Up Exam (No Fees)
  • Live Lectures Recording
  • Access to Live Lectures Online
  • Blog Access

We conduct 1 on 1 sessionĀ for homework review and resume walk through. If you need an answer to any specific query, we will conduct 1 on 1 session and explain the concern on your computer remotely or in the classroom. We can also arrange special classes for individuals upon discussion.

The Complete BA Trainer offers a wide range of courses and is famous for the Business Analyst Training Program. Our Quality Analyst training is also popular among beginners. Click on the link below to view the whole range of courses we offer. COURSES

Currently, the job market is very hot for the business analyst as they play a crucial role in the software development life cycle because of which they are always in great demand especially in the United States. Our main aim is to get you ready for the job market.

Software testers have an excellent future. As long as development activities are there, testing activities are compulsory. We are facing scarcity for QA professionals.

The main role of the quality analyst is to test the software; making sure that the software has been developed according to the requirements which have been finalized by the stakeholders.

A software quality analyst also known as QA is responsible for applying the principles and practices of software quality assurance in the software development life cycle.
They’re responsible for making sure that the software has been properly tested and is bug-free, They need to make sure that in the end, the software does not contain any material error impacting the quality of the software. If there is an issue they need to identify it.