Javascript Training

This is a complete javascript course with beginner to an advanced level training. In this course, you will not just learn the javascript language, you will also learn how to program in javascript, how to solve complex problems, structure and organize code using javascript patterns. Our course contains coding practices, theory lectures, and real-world projects.

About Javascript

JavaScript often calls as JS, is a high-level, interpreted programming language that conforms to the ECMA Script specification.

Javascript Used For

JavaScript is most ordinarily used as a client-side scripting language. This suggests that JavaScript code is written in an HTML page. JavaScript will be used in other contexts than a Web browser. Netscape created server-side JavaScript as a CGI-language that can do roughly a similar as Perl or ASP

What We Teach

Introduction to the Complete JavaScript Course:

  • Learn about JavaScript Essentials, JavaScript Multiple Values
  • Learn about Document Object Model Basics, JavaScript Logic Statements
  • Learn about JavaScript Loops, JavaScript Functions
  • Learn about Interactive Content JavaScript DOM and More
  • Learn about JavaScript Dynamic Web with the DOM, Built-in JavaScript
  • Learn about HTML5 JavaScript, JSON and AJAX JavaScript
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Javascript Training

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