QA Training

The QA training course provides you all necessary aspects of software quality assurance process to ensure quality in Software. The certification program includes structured content with each section, dynamic lecture presentation with real-time demonstration and hands-on practical approaches. This course is designed for both fresh graduates who want to pursue a career and experienced peoples who want to improve their testing skills.

About QA

QA Training is a new platform and, to a certain extent, a domain-independent job. And if you’re new to the IT field, it’s the best option in the current IT job market. The prime objective of Quality assurance / QA testing is to identify the defects in test applications and ensure the software application

What We Teach:

This course encompasses the fundamental concepts of manual testing and the numerous issues faced in during the process. Hence, the course includes:

    • Learn About Introduction to software testing and its importance
    • Learn About Principles of software testing
    • Learn About Common defects found in software and its reasons for the deficiencies.
    • Learn About Software Testing Methodologies.
    • Learn About Black Box Testing and White Box Testing.


  • QA engineers trained in the field.
  • Freshers seeking a career opportunity in the IT field.
  • Proficient IT professionals’ willing to switch from their former career path.
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QA Training

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