roles and responsibilities of quality analyst

Roles and Responsibilities of Quality analyst in Software Development

Software quality assurance is a method of testing the quality and validity of any software. Therefore, this process is carried out by expert analyst known as quality assurance analyst. The roles and responsibilities of quality analyst in software development are very complicated. But it is more important to ensure software product is bugs free.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Following are the main role and responsibilities of software quality analyst:

  • Play a role in analyzing and detecting defects in software for software testing life cycle.
  • After tracking and detecting defects in the software. He is the one responsible to bring out a solution to the problems. He is also brings out necessary changes to resolve detected issues, for instance.
  • To read and analyze all the documents to understand what needs to be tested.
  • Communicates with the customer support team and gather information regarding problems being faced by the users.
  • Specify and define product acceptance criteria with the development team and the product owners.
  • Design and offer different plans for testing products detecting issues and finding out the solution to those problems.
  • Develop and design test scenarios and test cases to make testing easy and understandable.
  • Communicate and coordinate with SQA assurance teams and gives responses to maximize product quality.
  • Responsible to update the status of software testing making reports of current projects.
  • Informing the test lead about the requirements of carrying test.
  • Carry out extensive testing to validate if the software is running smoothly
  • If any changes in the software code have been software quality analyst will update. Quality analyst records all the changes to make these changes executable in the future.
  • Software quality is checked very precisely in each step of quality assurance. So, these steps and processes can be modified slightly, if needed.
  • Once software quality is checked and if any changes are made consequently. These changes are also tested extensively to assure that the program is running smoothly after changes.
  • Responsible to monitor debugging results.
  • Research and Stay up to date with new changes, and developments such as new technologies, tools and test strategies in the industry.
  • Tester is able to perform both manual and automated testing.
  • Software quality analyst gives suggestions on the design of the product. They should be able to utilize data to give reports and presentation.

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